Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Pig Roast

So I wanted to roast a pig. Finding a Pig was easier then I expected. It sure helps to have a friend who works for a meat packing company!

Step one, Get some hardwood burning so you will have some good coals by the time you are ready to cook the pig!

I rubbed the Pig inside and out with salt and and pepper stuffed it with onions, garlic , apples and lemons and limes.

I then stitched it up with thick butchers twine.

This brings me to Important Tip #1
Make sure the pig you buy is not longer then the spit!!

If the pig is too long you may make a mistake like I did and try to make it fit!

This may seem like a good idea.
You will still be able to attach it to the spit (I used stainless steel wire)

Everything went smoothly.

When the pig was above the coals I realized why tip #1 was so important.
By squeezing the pig onto the spit it caused the spine to arch and made it very unbalanced.
This caused the rotisserie not to turn!

After some quick surgery involving a kitchen knife and a hatchet the pig fit much better on the spit.

Important Tip #2

Keep an eye on which direction the wind is blowing.
The wind switched directions and starting blowing from the ham side to the front.
This caused the front to be cooked while the end still needed more cook time.

I basted the pig often with a mixture of apple cider vinegar, apple juice, and sunflower oil in a spray bottle.

Eventually I was able to start cutting from the front as the internal temperature reached 170f

Thanks to everyone who took pictures! I may add more as they get sent to me.

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